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3RD Party Logistics

Offer comprehensive third-party logistics services in South Korea, providing clients with a full range of supply chain solutions. From storage and transportation to customs clearance and delivery.

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Simplify the import process for our clients with our comprehensive import handling services. From managing customs clearance and documentation to arranging transportation and delivery.



Offer comprehensive export services from South Korea to destinations worldwide. With our extensive network and expertise, We handle all aspects of logistics to ensure efficient and cost-effective shipment .

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Local handling

Provide complete domestic local handling services in South Korea, including customs clearance, cargo insurance, and warehousing.

"Our mission is to provide exceptional logistics services to our clients by leveraging our extensive experience, global network, and commitment to excellence. We strive to deliver personalized solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer, and to build lasting relationships based on accuracy, promptness, and a deep understanding of the logistics industry. We are dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations and to continuously improving our services to remain at the forefront of the industry."

About Us

"With a wealth of experience in the logistics industry, Respond quickly and accurately

CTI Global Ltd is an international freight forwarder established in Feb 2001. With over two decades of accumulated experience in various logistics fields, the company is renowned for its accurate and prompt feedback. As a medium-sized company, CTI Global has a worldwide partner network and is a proud member of the Alfa Logistics family network in Busan,South Korea. The company specializes in providing tailored logistics solutions to its customers, ensuring that each client receives a personalized service to meet their unique needs. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, CTI Global is the partner you can trust for all your logistics needs.


Key contacts


managing director
Based on various experiences of the logistics industry, various types of logistics improvement consultation can be conducted. Responsible for general business and overseas business.


operation manager
Manage the entire operation based on long-standing practice. Particularly for air and sea freight import business Handle the whole business process with deep business knowledge


export specialist
day-to-day operations and assuring high quality standards for our export cargo flows while working closely with our internal and external partners to ensure a seamless operation, quick issue resolution and excellent customer experience.


accounting manager
Based on a good understanding of forwarder business In charge of general accounting and overseas settlement



"At CTI Global, we use Incoterms 2010 to provide our clients with the most updated and comprehensive trade terms for efficient, cost-effective transportation of goods."

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