China – 2018 National Holiday

Day Date Holiday Remarks
Monday January 01 New Year,s Day
Thursday February 15 Chinese New Year Holiday
Friday February 16 Chinese New Year Holiday 1st day of ast lunar month
Saturday February 17 Chinese New Year Holiday
Sunday February 18 Chinese New Year Holiday
Monday February 19 Chinese New Year Holiday
Tuesday February 20 Chinese New Year Holiday
Wednesday February 21 Chinese New Year Holiday
Thursday March 08 Women,s Day All women can have a half day holiday
Thursday April 05 Ching Ming Festival Holiday
Friday April 06 Ching Ming Festival Holiday Additional holiday compensated by 08April
Monday April 30 Labour Day Hloiday Compensated by 28April(Sat)
Tuesday May 01 Labour Day
Monday June 18 Dragon Boat Festival
Monday September 24 Mid Autumn Festival
Monday October 01 National Day Holiday
Tuesday October 02 National Day Holiday
Wednesday October 03 National Day Holiday
Thursday October 04 National Day Holiday Compensated by 29September
Friday October 05 National Day Holiday Compensated by 30September
Wednesday October 17 Chung Yeung Festival